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The games are set in a 3D top-down view, where the player drives and navigates through a series of environmental puzzles. The first game was developed for iOS and was published by RobTop Games in September 2009, with the titles followed by another three titles released for iOS, followed by the games for Android and Windows Phone. A port of the first title to the PlayStation Vita was released in 2011, with Topala releasing the next three games for the handheld. The fourth and fifth games were released for Microsoft Windows in August 2012 and August 2013, respectively. Gameplay Geometry Dash is a game where the player's character is thrown through a series of different environments, requiring the player to dodge obstacles such as slopes, spikes, walls, and fires. Each game contains a total of 45 levels that can be cleared in any order, but must be completed within a set amount of time or risk failing. When clearing a level, the player earns money and experience points, which help to unlock new abilities for their character. Other items can also be acquired, such as the "Ladder", which can be used to traverse the environment and activate hidden secrets. At the start of each level, the player is required to jump on the character's left and right in order to guide him or her, though as the game progresses, additional controls are unlocked. Once the player jumps, the character will move in the direction they are pointing, though depending on the terrain the player is jumping over, the character may go in the opposite direction. This can cause the player to collide with terrain, resulting in falling damage. The player can also jump on enemies to deal damage. In each game, the player can be given three lives. When the player loses all three lives, the player is required to wait five seconds before being able to begin a new game. Development and release Geometry Dash was developed by Sweden-based developer Robert Topala. Topala worked in advertising prior to developing Geometry Dash, but had been trying to develop video games for years. He spent two years creating and testing the first game. The games were released for iOS in 2009, with the first title released on September 23 and the fourth title on August 9, 2012. The game was developed and published by Topala's company, RobTop Games. The first title was sold with 100,000 copies, but less than one percent of those sold. RobTop Games has released all five titles through their own website and their own distribution channels



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